Organisation and management at LIME

At KI there are three departmental groups and the Department of LIME belongs to 'Departmental group KI Nord'.

Management Group

The management group is an advisory body and a forum for dialogue in terms of strategy, cooperation and business in general at the department. The group convenes on a monthly basis and consists of:

→ Head of Department Sabine Koch (from 1 July 2024)
→ Vice Heads of Department Clas Rehnberg, Terese Stenfors
→ Head of Administration Anna Westerberg
→ Director of Education Mia von Knorring
→ Co-opt: Director of Doctoral Education Per Palmgren

Management Council

The management council focuses on capturing strategic and practical issues at LIME and consists of:

→ Head of Department 
→ Head of Finance and Administration
→ Divison heads 

Crisis Management Group

The crisis management group at LIME consists of:

→ Head of Department Sabine Koch
→ Vice Head of Department Terese Stenfors
→ Head of Administration Anna Westerberg
→ Director of Education Mia von Knorring
→ Assistant to Head of Department (only as contact person) Charlotte Rossland

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Read more about security guards, surveillance and alarms at KI or call guards 08-524 864 29.

Professional services and administration

The administrative staff are presented on its own page Professional services at LIME.

Centres, groups, units

All of LIME's centres, research groups and units are presented on Research groups and units at LIME.