The Individual Study Plan (ISP) and the Annual follow-up

The individual study plan and progress in doctoral education must be followed up once a year, in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance.

The Individual Study Plan (the ISP)

The ISP is a digital tool for doctoral education and is written by the doctoral student together and in agreement with his/her supervisors. 

The principal supervisor for a doctoral student at LIME gets ISP-access for their doctoral student as soon as he/she is admitted and registered in Ladok. Log in is done using the KI-ID. Doctoral students are granted access when registered in Ladok and their KI-ID is activated. The administrative officer for doctoral education gives ISP-access to co-supervisors. 

It is only a principal supervisor who can create a new ISP. As soon as the principal supervisor clicks "Save" the doctoral student can access the ISP in the system. The doctoral student and the principal supervisors must approve each others edits in the ISP-system before being able to send the ISP forward to the Director of doctoral studies for approval. If you run into problems in the system, please contact for support. 

Please learn more about the ISP-system on this educational KI page (leaving LIME page):

The digital ISP

The annual follow-up and Update the ISP

The ISP must be reviewed and updated at least once per year or whenever there are significant changes to the original plans, an annual follow-up/update. This is in order to reflect the current research and educational plan.

The ISP-system will automatically notify the doctoral student and the principal supervisor via e-mail when it is time for the annual update. A new version of the digital ISP is to be created. If a new version has not been created after two months, the director of doctoral studies at the department will be notified by the system.

The doctoral student and principal supervisor are to book a meeting (co-supervisors and mentor can also be invited) to discuss the following:

  • completed elements
  • an update on the planned research project and planned courses/credit-generating elements
  • an update of the timetable and financial plan
  • other parts of the current individual study plan that are to be revised

If there is a moderate amount of changes - describe what you have changed in the "Message log" in the ISP using the same numbers as the ISP-plan. For example, if you have made changes under "2. Time plan and financial support" then write in the Message log: "2. Time plan and financial support" and describe briefly what you have changed. 

If there are no changes in your ISP, the minimum to be changed/updated is the date for the supervisor meeting you that you are to have, the annual follow-up meeting described above, under number "6. Follow-up meetings".

If there are larger changes to the ISP you need to describe these changes in a separate document (make a list and use the same numbers as in the ISP-system). Attach the document under number "10. Documents".

NOTE! Any changes (no matter how small) in the ISP-system will result in a new version to be established. It is a good idea to keep track of small changes during the year and then add the changes in the ISP when you get notified by the system that the annual follow-up is to be done. Don´t hesitate to contact Ingrid Smedberg ( if you have any questions about any of this.