At least two supervisors shall be appointed for each doctoral student. One of them shall be nominated as the principal supervisor. A doctoral student who so requests shall be allowed to change supervisor. But the doctoral student has no unconditional right to choose supervisor at his/her own discretion. It is the head of department who appoints supervisors.

If a co-supervisor is to be changed (or removed) send in form 15 change of supervisor group (below) to administrative officer Ingrid Smedberg by e-mail. The individual study plan (ISP) is to be updated with information of the new supervisor(s). The recommendation is to wait until the next annual follow-up, but it can also be done immediately. A copy of the decision (form 15) should be uploaded as an attachment to the ISP.

If the principal supervisor is to be changed, the future principal supervisor needs to apply for a green light at the Dept of LIME. The ‘green light’ decision is made by the head of the department together with the director of doctoral studies and head of administration. Send in form for green light together with attachments listed below, by e-mail, to adminstrative officer Ingrid Smedberg:

1. Form for green light (Updated March 2021)

2. Financing plan

3. Certificate of supervisor training and web course (web course not to be older than 5 years)

4. Form 15 for changing supervisor group signed by those affected (updated September 2021)

As soon as the decision is taken, the individual study plan (ISP) is to be transferred to the new supervisor. This is done by the ISP-support: Contact

The new principal supervisor creates a new version of the previously established ISP, and revises/updates the information regarding supervision.  

A copy of the decision (form 15) is uploaded to the ISP system by the doctoral student or principal supervisor.

Please read more about the ISP-system here!



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