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Administration at LIME

Overview of all administrative staff at LIME, as well as contact information to each unit.

The Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics shares a common administration unit together with the Department of Public Health Sciences.

Head of Administration

Contact the Head of Administration at

Per Hanvik

Head of administration


For questions regarding archiving, GDPR, registration of documents, document coordination and similar, please contact

Therese Wahlström

Assistant to the Head of Department

Human Resources

For questions to the HR unit, please contact us at

Sofia Öhlund

Acting HR Supervisor (during Malin Landstedt's parental leave)

Malin Landstedt

HR supervisor, on parental leave

Emma Aldenstam

HR officer

Ellen Carlsson

HR administrator

Josefine Hjorth

HR officer, on parental leave


Please contact for matters regarding internal mail, deliveries, key cards and similar.

Ludvig Andersson

IT coordinator

Erik Attoff

IT technician

Ludwig Berglund

IT technician

Bo Planstedt

Department technician

IT support for staff at LIME

For IT support with servers, networks, your LIME account, software or hardware from LIME, please contact

For support with central systems, such as Agresso, Platina, Primula, WISAM and Ladok, please contact the central IT Support at KI.

Email or reach them by phone at 08-524 822 22.


For financial questions, please contact us at

Johanna Sandelius

Financial manager

Johan Häggström

Accounting supervisor

Pia Persson

Finance administrator

Ellinor Sonesson

Financial officer

Elin Sundqvist

Controller, leave of absence

Danielle Thelin

Financial officer

Study counselling


Mia von Knorring

Departmental Director of Education

Educational administrators

Elisabet Lindgren

Education officer, AT-provet

Unit for medical statistics (MedStat)

Elisabeth Löfgren

Educational administrator

Health informatics centre (HIC) & Medical Management Centre (MMC)

Maria Appelgren

Educational administrator

Unit for bioentrepreneurship (UBE)

Liisa Olsson

Educational administrator

Centre for healthcare ethics (CHE)

National Prevention of Suicide and Mental Ill-Health (NASP)

Anna Johansson

Project coordinator

Beatrice Johansson


Doctoral education

For questions regarding doctoral education, please contact

Ingrid Smedberg

Administrative officer

Communication and web

You may contact the local web editor at your division or unit (see Communication at LIME) or send us an email at

Charlotte Brandt

Communications officer

Ida Rutström

Communications officer
08-524 852 55
08-524 852 55