Our work groups

The department has a number of different committees and groups.

The Department Council

The Department Council is tasked with handling issues that concern the department as a whole. The Council has an advisory function and also serves as a forum for dialogue. At least half of the Department Council is made up of representatives for teachers, technical/administrative personnel, doctoral students and other students.

Work environment

The work environment group is tasked with promoting a good work environment. The work is carried out in collaboration with the Head of Department and follows an action plan that is drawn up annually by representatives of the work environment group who come from the various divisions

Third Level (Postgraduate) Research Committee

The committee constitutes a two-way information channel for matters concerning postgraduate research between the various divisions and their management and from KI's Postgraduate Education Board via the Director of Studies for the individual divisions. The committee is also to constitute a discussion forum for doctoral student and supervisor issues in general.

First Level (Undergraduate) Council

The aim of the Undergraduate Council is to act on an overall departmental level to coordinate the department's first-cycle studies and to integrate them into the academic study environment in which discussions on the role of the teacher, the work environment, the job itself and quality are constantly taking place.

Equal opportunities

A representative for equal treatment (previously known as an “equality representative”) has been in situ at the department since 2002. Students and employees can turn to the representative for advice on how to proceed in cases of discrimination. The representative is also responsible for ongoing teaching in discrimination legislation at or for all divisions within the department. Another important responsibility is the implementation of equal treatment aspects in the study programmes for which we are responsible, primarily the programme for biomedical analysts. The representative acts as an intermediary and participates actively in seminars, courses and lectures on the subject, and sits on the Council for Equal Treatment (reporting directly to the Vice-Chancellor), which is tasked with developing the work with equal treatment and running a strategic process of change that is central to KI.