Hello new staff #9

We are happy to introduce staff changes and new colleagues at the Department of Laboratory Medicine. This time we also have a new research group presenting themselves. See presentations below. Welcome everyone!

Alejandra Escós

Postdoc at Division of Clinical Microbiology / Ujjwal Neogi’s group

Alejandra comes from Spain where she did her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at Zaragoza University until 2013. After her PhD in 2019, she was offered a position as postdoc at Encarna Martinez-Salas’s laboratory at CBMSO (Madrid, Spain) working in dsRNA stimulation to elucidate possible kinases that could be phosphorylating the RNA binding protein (RBP) Gemin5. Finally, this year she arrived as a postdoc to Ujjwal Neogi’s laboratory where her role will be as a postdoc studying the signaling pathways involved in latency reversal of macrophages reservoir and studying macrophage aging that occur with the retroviral treatments given to HIV patients.

Katarzyna Kopaczka

Postdoc at Division of Pathology / Stephen Strom/Roberto Gramignoli's Group

Katarzyna comes from Katowice in Poland, where she conducted her research for doctoral studies at the Medical University of Silesia in the Department of Cytophysiology, Chair of Histology and Embryology. The title of her dissertation was Immunomodulatory potential of isolated human amnion cells under culture conditions on substrates coated with recombinant laminin LN111 and LN51. At Labmed she will work with isolated human amniotic cells. Her tasks will focus on cell isolation and culture, optimization cell culture conditions as well as molecular and immunodetection analysis of the immunomodulatory potential that can be used in amniotic cell cytotherapy.

Timea Szekerczes

Postdoc at Division of Pathology/ Mikael Björnstedt's group

After graduating with a biomedical engineering degree, I studied as PhD student in Semmelweis University in Hungary, and I earned doctoral degree in Pathology in 2020.  One of my research areas was the study and development of new biomarkers for use on cervical liquid-based samples and on histological slides. Furthermore, in my doctoral dissertation, I focused on the study of autophagy and microRNA expression in chronic and neoplastic liver diseases in vivo and in vitro.  Currently, I am joining the study in which proposal aims at developing novel treatment regimens for highly resistant liver and pancreas cancer and in which strategy is to make benefit of the cytotoxic effects of selenium compounds. The main focus of my work in this group will concern molecular mechanisms underlying cytotoxic effects of the selenium-based treatment regimens. In addition, I will analyze such microRNAs with which combine the selenite-based treatments to achieve high accuracy in targeting the pancreatic tumors while minimizing the effect to normal cells. And I will help that we can extend the group`s ex vivo slice culture model to another cancer type such as hepatocellular carcinoma. 

Yuhan B'haddo

Financial administrator at the administation council

Until recently Yuhan has been working at KI (Ekonomiservice) for two years as a Financial Administrator. He also has a background in banking, working at Swedbank as a Customer Advisor for two years. At LabMed, he will be a part of the finance group as a Financial Administrator.  He will be available for help with general economic tasks and have an overall role within the group. He is happy to be a part of the administration team and is looking forward to supporting any questions that you might have.

Zheyu Niu

Postdoc at the Division of Biomolecular and Cellular Medicine/Samir EL Andaloussi's group

Zheyu comes from China and is affiliated to Shandong University, Jinan. At Labmed Zheyu will do research on the immune microenvironment in pancreatic cancer and hepatopancreatobiliary surgery.

Noriyasu Kamei

Visiting researcher at the Division of Biomolecular and Cellular Medicine/Samir EL Andaloussi's group

Noriyasu comes from Kobe, Japan and will study targeted drug delivery with extracellular vesicles.

Mats Johansson

Managing director, Masspectrometry facility in ANA Futura.

Mats previously worked at Waters Sverige AB and is now managing director for the masspectrometry facility in ANA Futura. Mats belongs to the Division of Clinical Chemistry.

New research group - Dhifaf Sarhan

Dhifaf Sarhan

Research group leader for Dhifaf Sarhan research

Sarhan was recruited as Assistant Professor in Tumor immunology/Immunotherapy in 2019 to the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell biology (MTC), and as group leader at the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Division of Pathology in 2021. Sarhan received her Ph.D. degree from the Department of Oncology-Pathology, Karolinska Institutet in 2014 followed by a postdoctoral training at the University of Minnesota. The group research interest focuses on studying the consequences of the tumor microenvironment (TME) on shaping the immune effector cell function and memory aiming to remodel the TME to improved cancer immunotherapies in a gender biased manager.

Fei He

Exchange PhD student at Division of Pathology / Dhifaf Sarhan's group

From September 2018, Fei He studied in Xi 'an Jiaotong University, China as a clinical medicine doctor, engaged in the molecular mechanism research of urinary tract tumors. Since October 2019, he is with the Dhifaf Group and has been engaged in the study of pancreatic cancer tumor microenvironment. Targeting the GPCR pathway to remodel the TME to improved cancer immunotherapies in a gender biased manager.

Staff changes at the administration council

  • Rasmus Larsson
    Rasmus worked his last day in the ANA Futura service team on 16th April. We thank Rasmus for his excellent work and wish him good luck for the future. Recruitment of a replacement for Rasmus is underway.

Originally published on 2021-04-23

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