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The research is focussed on clinical problems and includes clinical research projects at the clinical paediatric endocrine section of Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, and translational experimental research at the paediatric endocrinology research laboratory located at the children's hospital.


Several active research groups are covering different areas: reproductive biology, growth physiology and genetics, diabetes mellitus, metabolism and development of hormonal pharmaceuticals for paediatric use.

A general aim of the research activities is to help children with endocrine and metabolic disorders to achieve better quality of life by improving their growth and body composition.

Research groups within the area:

Research group Research group leader
Auxology Lars Hagenäs
Experimental growth research Lars Sävendahl
Reproductive physiology Olle Söder
Growth and cartilage biology Ola Nilsson
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia Svetlana Lajic
NORDFERTIL Research Lab Stockholm Jan-Bernd Stukenborg