Multilevel Interventions to Promote Mental Health in SMEs and Public Workplaces, H-WORK

How can we create jobs that promote good mental health, protect against mental disorders and support employees with mental health problems?

A quarter of EU's workforce will experience mental health problems during their lifetime. Absence due to mental illness is increasing in most European countries. In Europe, about 40 percent of the population suffers from mental health problems every year. Stress, depression and anxiety are among the most common causes of illness and sickness absence among the European working population. Research shows that loss of work leads to poorer mental health, while returning to work at the same time positively affects mental health.


H-WORK is a newly started EU project from the EU's Horizon 2020 in which the Unit for Intervention and Implementation Research participates. Emmanuel Aboagye is responsible for the health economic evaluation of the interventions in the various participating countries. The main project is led by the University of Bologna. The unit is responsible for the health economic parts that will consist of financial analyzes - costs and savings from an employer perspective

The purpose is to investigate how to promote good mental health in working life.


Together with 14 partners from nine different countries, the project will develop and test measures, measuring instruments, tools and models that can be used at various levels in SMEs and public workplaces - to implement and evaluate health promotion and preventive measures.

The techniques the project develops will be implemented in workplaces in Europe better able to work long-term and systematically to promote good mental health among employees. In the long term, it will mean a lot to human health, but also to society - in the form of reduced costs.

Researcher, project time, and funding

Participating researcher is Emmanuel Aboagye. The project is 3 years and runs from 2020 until the end of 2022. The project is funded by European Union Horizon 2020.


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