Research Programme: Occupational Health Service

Research on Occupational Health Service (OHS) has so far been limited in Sweden. The development of the Swedish OHS, research and practice must be better integrated. We thus need to foster a climate in which research that is relevant to the OHS can be carried out in collaboration between researchers and clinicians. Research must also do more to become an integral part of the training of OHS professionals. The FAS program support for occupational health research provides a solid foundation for this work.

The main focus of this research is the development and evaluation of cost-effective evidence-based practice in OHS to promote work ability, health and productivity. The programme is led by Irene Jensen, professor of occupational health research. Methods under consideration will be evaluated based on their effects on work capacity (health, lifestyle, job satisfaction, etc.), performance, absenteeism, and economic effects on business as well as effects on a societal level. Research will be conducted in close cooperation with the OHS and its clients. Two important aspects of this collaboration is to define relevant research questions and the dissemination of such results. The program aims to increase opportunities for evidence-based practice concerning health promotion in the workplace.

Focus areas

  • Creating a really good research environment
  • Performing high-quality research according to international criteria to make your mark in everyday reality
  • Creating "clinic near" research
  • Educating high quality attractive training courses for OHS


  • Improving conditions for employers and employees for a good job where health and productivity go hand in hand
  • Enable a clear academic / scientific profile of OHS where evidence-based practice is practiced and where the opportunity for research is available as a career option


An occupational health service

  • working on a scientific basis according to evidence-based practice.
  • compete through excellence in execution.

And that have

  • created a demand among customers in evidence based cost effective interventions.
  • quality control, like in other health care.


The research program and Professorship of Occupational Health Research is funded by the Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS) and the Advisory Board for Occupational Health.

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