The Impact of Lifestyle on Health – The LIV Study

The LIV project, "The Impact of Lifestyle on Health," is conducted at Riddargatan 1, the Unit for Alcohol and Health (part of the Stockholm Center for Dependency Disorders).

About the Study

In the LIV study, we aim to investigate the long-term effects of dependency treatment and the significance of changes in alcohol use and other lifestyle factors on health.

Typically, treatment evaluations last for a year, but we know less about what happens afterward. This project intends to follow alcohol use, other lifestyle factors, and health over a more extended time period.


All patients seeking treatment at Riddargatan 1, the unit for Alcohol and Health, is asked to participate in this study. Recruitment of participants started in 2021 and was completed in 2024, when all 1500 participants were included. Treatments are conducted as usual, meaning participation in the project does not entail any additional components to the contact with the clinic. The difference compared to usual treatment is the longer follow-up period.

Follow-ups are conducted annually  and participants will answer questionnaires online and provide lab samples. 

Relevance to Society

The research results can help develop and improve healthcare and increase understanding of how lifestyle factors affect health in the long term.

The Project Team

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Sven Andreasson

Consultant and professor
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Sara Wallhed Finn

Psychologist and medicine doctor

Nurse and project coordinator



Phone: 08-12345 782

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