Step 3 – Revise and plan 

Given the possibilities for Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC), this step will assist us in selecting the changes to make to study programmes. Find out how here! 

Individual action plans

In this step, the IoC team met with study programmes and presented them with an individual action plan for the next 3 years. The study programmes then selected and prioritised some of the ideas which their colleagues had brought up. It must be stressed that the action plan truly reflected the discussions that took place during the workshop, and this strengthened the study programmes’ ambitions for internationalising their curricula.  

Themes and issues addressed 

It is important to: 

  • Establish programme-specific action plans and objectives for IoC 
  • Map development and assessment of international intended learning outcomes (IILOs) for all students across programmes 
  • Identify examples of good practice across the university 
  • Identify support and resources to assist staff and students 
  • Set priorities and devise future actions 
  • Discuss how to assess the effectiveness of curricular change and its effect on student learning  
  • Negotiate the roles of selected individuals in the process of IoC in the next two stages. 

After having identified the actions to be taken, most of the implementation work for Step 4 – Act was carried out by the study programmes directly.  

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