Support staff as key change agents in internationalisation

Support services need to be engaged so as to anchor and support the formal curriculum in the process of internationalising the curriculum. Find out how we did it here!

The Support Services play a crucial role in the latter, ensuring students feel welcomed, included and treated equitably throughout their time at our institutions, with the same level of knowledge, understanding and care from all services within the university. Supporting our support services to develop the intercultural competences and knowledge they need to have difficult, yet constructive, conversations to support their students in navigating critical incidents is even more relevant in the educationally mobile landscape that makes up higher education today.

Intercultural competence and self awareness

Our administrative and technical staff need support to develop their intercultural competences and knowledge to help them engage in healthy and constructive relations with students and other stakeholders on our campuses. This will enable the provision of the highest quality of service to students, as well as providing excellent support to faculty and leadership, while building capacity, confidence and expertise in our support services. 

Find out more about the workshops we organised for support services here. 

Presenting workshops for administrative staff at NU 2020

Tools for support staff 

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