Step 2 - Imagine

The capability to imagine enhances our problem-solving skills, stimulates our curiosity, and pervades our entire existence. It influences everything we do, think, speculate, and create. It directs us to elaborate theories, ideas, ambitions, and inventions in any field. These sections below will walk you through the Imagine step of the IoC project.

The aim of this step is to provoke discussions of existing paradigms within the discipline which will result in imagining new ways of doing seeing and thinking the curriculum. The focus should be placed on the way we do things, what we know and what we believe about the discipline.

This step works best when it is based on collective experiences and knowledge which are then critically reflected upon as a team. It is a way to open up opportunities for transformative through creativity and innovation.

We addressed three groups of stakeholders here: the teachers, the students and support services. We proposed individual workshops, focus groups and structured discussions to consult these groups. Find out what we did here.

Workshops for teachers, support staff and students

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