Educational development as part of the process internationalising the curriculum

It is important to select the right groups of people to engage with the Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) process as efficiently as possible. Educational developers are an important stakeholder.

Educational developers 

In order to integrate the IoC process holistically, be mindful of how you are going to be working with your institution's Unit for Teaching and Learning. Find out how we integrated internationalisation into existing continuous professional development for teaching staff. 

Naturally, the initial request from teachers, students and support staff was training. We prioritised existing teacher professional development courses and integrated elements of internationalisation when and where it was relevant along the teacher’s journey through lifelong learning. 

Courses for educational developers

Teaching and learning in higher education, distance (GHPD) 

This course is a general introduction to pedagogy in higher education, and will enable participants to discuss teaching and learning theory and concepts within higher education related to their own practice and experiences. A short introduction about the internationalisation of education, Sustainable Development Goals and intercultural competence is given during the first campus day. There are plans to develop this course further and rethink how to integrate internationalisation, but also other areas of educational development. 

Formative assessment 

The aim of the course is to support university teachers and supervisors to develop their ability to design and implement formative assessments that support student learning. We integrated intercultural considerations in a module with videos and material on inclusive assessment practices, as well as explanatory material on how to use rubrics and descriptors when designing assessment grids. 

Interprofessional learning (IPL) day 

Twice a year, newly welcomed first-term students take part in a full day dedicated to interprofessional competence development. There are clear overlaps between IPL and intercultural competences, in addition to providing a good link between SDG3 for Good health and well-being and SDG4 for Quality education. The team steps in to give a lecture on developing interprofessionally and interculturally, after an introduction to Global Health perspectives by our Global Health experts. In the afternoon, students are split into small working groups and tasked with exercises to reflect on IPL and to develop intercultural competences concurrently. 

Introduction to Sustainable Development (will be linked)

There are clear links between SDG4.7 and internationalisation of education in order for our students to make a meaningful contribution to society, by developing global citizenship. The team collaborated with the project “One KI for Sustainable Education” to create and design an online course for the entire KI community. In this way, we were able to create a course that explains the basics of SDGs while also maintaining a clear link with Global Health perspectives. 

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