Academic coordinators

The academic coordinatorships are linked to KI's central international collaborations. A formalized collaboration at a central level often includes several different collaborative activities.

An academic coordinator works to promote KI's activities at universities and institutes in different countries and regions. The assignment includes activities regarding education, research and doctoral education. The tasks of the academic coordinators may vary slightly depending on the nature of the collaborations. But there is an overall description for all assignments. The assignment includes:

  • to work to promote KI's collaborations at universities and other organizations in different countries
  • the assignment includes the activities that are part of KI's collaboration (can be education, research, postgraduate education, innovation).
  • find synergies between ongoing collaborative activities and keep in touch with KI employees who are active in the region in question or collaborate with the department concerned or equivalent
  • contribute to anchoring the collaboration / collaborations within KI
  • participate in existing tasks that require academic competence and are related to collaborations in the relevant region
  • contribute to the recruitment of students from the current region to KI's global master's programs and to KI's education at doctoral level in cases where it is relevant

The academic coordinators are appointed by the committees in some cases and by the Internationalisation Board.



Martin Schalling


Senior researcher

Nailin Li


Principal Researcher

Per Nilsson

United Kingdom

Lecturer Senior

Pete Williams


The Network Medicine Alliance (USA/EU)


Paolo Parini

National Institutes of Health, NIH

Principal researcher

Sarah Bergen

Mayo Clinic


Sophie Erhardt

Rockefeller University

Professor/specialist physician

Per Svenningsson