Collaboration in Brazil

The collaboration in Brazil includes both education and research activities with Brazilian universities, hospitals and institutions. Focus areas are research interaction and innovation and student exchange programmes. 

The majority of the activities with Brazilian collaborators takes place between researchers. Most of the activities are in the fields of odontology, neuroscience, immunology and infectious diseases and psychiatry. There is an extended and more strategic collaboration with Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and the region of Sao Paulo.

Collaborative agreements

KI has agreements at different levels with different institutes in Brazil, but the majority of the activities with Brazilian collaborators takes place between researchers and are not centrally regulated. There are a few exceptions, where collaborative agreements, projects and activities are initiated and supported centrally.

KI has signed Memoranda of Understanding with the following universities and research foundations:

Steering group

An operative steering group's is leading the work and its focus is on stimulate and deepen new and on-going collaborations with Brazil. The members of KI's steering group are:

Martin Schalling (Academic coordinator for Brazil)

Antonio Gigliotti Rothfuchs

Pontus Nauclér

Lisa Westerberg

Terese Stenfors

Maria Olsson

Bachelor's and master's education

A few KI study programmes have bilateral exchange agreements with Brasilian universities.

For current agreements on student exchange and more information search the map where all agreements can be found.

Collaborations on doctoral level

For information regarding PhD-agreements at the departmental level, please contact the relevant department. There are no PhD collaboration agreements coordinated by the International Relations Unit.

Looking for research collaborators?

Are you interested to collaborate with Brazilian researchers, and looking for a collaborator at USP?
Contact the academic coordinator Martin Schalling and he will try to facilitate.

Collaboration on national levels

Funding possibilities when collaboration with Brazil

New call
SPRINT - São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration

Submission Deadline: June 24, 2024

There are several opportunities and possibilities if you are collaborating with Brazil offered by Brazilian and Swedish Funding Agencies.

Brazilian agencies

Swedish agencies


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Maria Olsson