About Division of Eye and Vision

The Division of Eye and Vision at Karolinska Institutet is Sweden's foremost research and education unit in the field of eyes and vision.
We conduct research that spans basic laboratory-based studies in the field of ophthalmology to translationally applied vision research. We are responsible for education in ophthalmology, the study of the eye and its diseases in medical education and the optician program, as well as postgraduate education programs that train the ophthalmologists and eye care

The division consists of five research groups which in turn are divided into less scientifically independent groups. The division is closely linked to and collaborates with St. Erik Eye Hospital and Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital  at Karolinska University Hospital. The division has two professorships and three adjunct professorships with combination positions. The department is headed by professor Rune Brautaset and consists of doctoral researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff.

Number of employees: ca 110

Professors: 4

Lecturers: 3

Number of research groups: 5

Number of doctoral students: 25


Contact information

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Rune Brautaset

Head of department
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Maria Persson


Staff list

Eye Center Of Excellence, Eugeniavägen 12 Solna

Buss: 3, 77, 6, bus stop Karolinska sjukhuset, Eugeniavägen

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