This research group consists of 19 specialists and two optometrists at St. Erik Eye Hospital. Research group leader is Stefan Löfgren. Group Cataract is not only conducting research about cataract but also about pediatric eye diseases and glaucoma.

Cataract and pediatric eye diseases

We are conducting research to improve cataract surgery in adults and children, to improve the quality and results after cataract surgery. We are also using data from the Swedish national cataract registry and the pediatric cataract registry for these purposes.

After cataract surgery the eye often develops postoperative inflammation, this is usually treated with eye drops. We have just started studies of a new eye medication that might simplify this treatment. This is advantageous as many of the cataract patients are old and they have difficulties in using eye drops.

Children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis might develop an eye inflammation called uveitis. Unfortunately this is painless for these children, which means that the disease can have progressed a lot before it is discovered. Great damage may already have occurred in the eye which can cause visual impairment for life. These children are therefore screened on a regular basis of an eye doctor, if uveitis is discovered it is often difficult to treat. In one of our projects we are studying these patients, how they react to different treatments etc., and we are also expanding the pediatric rheumatology registry with an eye section which makes it easier to follow the uveitis activity over time.

Research Projects

  • Cataract in children – evaluation of results to enhance the surgery
  • Cataract in children – treatment with contact lenses and eye drops at the same time
  • Cataract in children – register studies
  • Cataract in adults – register studies
  • Cataract - new postoperative treatment
  • Pediatric eye diseases
  • JIA and uveitis
  • Glaucoma

Selected Publications

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Group leaders

Stefan Löfgren

Group leader, Affiliated to research
K8 Department of Clinical Neuroscience

Maria Kugelberg

Group leader, professor, Affiliated to research
K8 Department of Clinical Neuroscience

Group members

Oran Abdiu PhD Student

Marcelo Ayala Affiliated to research

Enping Chen Affiliated to research

Sara De Lima  PhD Student

Mario A. Economou Affiliated to research

Emma Friling Affiliated to research

Magnus Grimfors Affiliated to research

Per Montan Affiliated to research

Laurence Querat  PhD Student

Behrad Samadi  PhD Student

Branka Samolov Affiliated to research

Maria Kugelberg Affiliated to research