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StratCan-KICancer Research Themes

StratCan-KICancer aims to expand the existing strength in cancer biology at Karolinska Institutet (KI), by supporting high impact research projects, promising young researchers and required infrastructure.

The StratCan-KICancer programme aims to bring cancer researchers at KI together and serve as single entry point to the large cancer research field at KI.

StratCan-KICancer research 2015-19

The StratCan Executive Board members are appointed by the KI Dean of research. The members are selected to represent different areas of expertise and to be based at different departments on both campuses in order to cover most of the large cancer research field at KI:

StratCan Executive Board 2016-19 research focus
Jonas Bergh, Director StratCan (Onk-Pat), research: Breast Cancer
Kamila Czene, Co-Director StratCan (MEB, Deputy Dean), research: Etiology of breast cancer
Martin Bergö (BioNut), research: Antioxidants and cancer
Eva Hellström-Lindberg (MedH, Director HERM), research: Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS)
Lars Holmgren (Onk-Pat, Deputy Dean), research: Mechanisms of blood vessel formation
Randall Johnson (CMB), research: Hypoxia in physiological and pathological contexts
Olli Kallioniemi (Onk-Pat, Director SciLifeLab), research: Precision Cancer Medicine
Sonia Lain (MTC), research: Tumor selective compounds
Andreas Lundqvist (Onk-Pat), research: Cell based immunotheraphy for cancer
Anna Martling (MMK), research: Colorectal cancer and surgery
Ingemar Ernberg (MTC, Director KICancer) affiliated member, field: Cancer and infections

Cancer Researchers at KI and their research areas

StratCan research environment 2010-14

The research themes and original 10 applicant research groups included in the application for funding of the Strategic Research Area are listed below (StratCan was initially called Center for Integrated Cancer Studies at Karolinska Institutet, CICS-KI). StratCan received excellent evaluation for its first 5-years (2010-2014) and was granted funding by the Swedish government for another 5-year period (2015-2019), 20 MSEK/ year.

1. Prevention and early detection
2. Functional annotation of genomic data
3. Tumor microenvironment
4. Targeted therapy and personalized medicine

The environment has since start been complemented with receivers of StratCan grants and positions. StratCan has increased in size as has the scientific output including number of publications in international leading journals in the field.

Applicant Research Groups StratCan 2010-2014

Jonas Bergh, Breast cancer translational research studies
Christer Betsholtz, Vascular biology research
Henrik Grönberg, Prostate cancer and new biomarkers
Catharina Larsson, Disease development on the molecular level
Hans-Gustav Ljunggren, NK cells in health and disease
Rolf Ohlsson, Epigenome and cancer
Rune Toftgård, Hedgehog signalling in embryonic development and cancer
Jussi Taipale, Cell cycle progression and transcriptional regulation of cell growth
Klas Wiman, Tumor suppressor p53 and novel anti-cancer drugs
Arne Östman, Tumor stroma and protein tyrosine phosphatases

Associated Cancer Centers at KI

IMTAC, Director Rolf Kiessling
BRECT, Director Jonas Bergh
ACT, Director Galina Selivanova
STARGET, Director Arne Östman
CRisP, Director Henrik Grönberg