Cancer Research KI maps cancer research across KI

Cancer Research KI aims to map all principal investigators (PIs) and group leaders at KI to increase the visibility and facilitate internal, international, industrial collaborations. Here, CRKI presents the updated second version of the database from August 2022.
Note: minor updates have been done to the Database during the course of spring/summer 2023.

Principal Investigators (PIs) an Group Leaders

A principal investigator (PI) at CRKI leads a research group, with personal responsibility for directing their research, managing their budget and their personnel. Specifically, every PI typically

  •  Has their own funding in accounts controlled by them
  •  Supervises students and postdocs
  •  Teaches undergraduates and/or doctoral students and/or clinical trainees
  •  Publishes their own research, often as senior author
  •  Takes academic and/or clinical leadership responsibilities
  •  Upholds the highest standards of ethical behaviour

Lists of KI principal investigator and group leaders classified by the main research area within cancer field.

The principal investigators identified have been listed according to the main research areas and can be found below. Please note that this may still contain errors in part because the response rate on the conducted surveys was below a hundred per cent. We would therefore like you to be in contact with us if you find that your name has been erroneously entered or if you would like to complete the current information in any way. If you are a PI or a group leader within the cancer Field and you would like to be added to the list please contact us. 

Please send your update/addition request to

Data visualization

Across KI, basic science, blood, brain and nervous system, cancer epidemiology and breast cancer are the dominant research areas, and the Department of Oncology and Pathology harbours the highest number of principal investigators in the area of cancer research. 

Cancer Research KI
Cancer Research KI database

The history of cancer research database at KI

Firstly, the data have been gathered during 2020 and 2021 by pooling data from the KI website, publicly available information from Cancerfonden, and an internal survey conducted by Cancer Research KI in 2020. We have verified our entries (affiliations, emails) by collaborating with KI's IDAC system as well as with the members of CRKI Reference Group. 

In April-June 2022, the survey was reopened and advertised to enable researchers to add and update the information in the first version of the database. Next, all the entries were merged from the first and second data collection and visualised. 

A full list of all departments of KI, their location and respective websites can be found here.

If you are a KI-based group leader/PI engaged in some cancer-related research and your name is not here then we would like to hear from you so that we can feature you! Please contact us here.


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