Cancer Research KI Infrastructure efforts

StratCan supports infrastructure that facilitates high-quality basic research and the translation of findings into clinical practice.

ClinSeq - Clinical Sequencing of Cancer

ClinSeq is a pilot project in tumor profiling aimed at establishing a routine pipeline from collection to genetic profiling of primary tumor samples. The project, led by Prof. Henrik Grönberg in collaboration with the Clinical Genomics Platform at SciLife Lab, was financed by StratCan in fall 2013. It evaluates the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) in the clinical diagnosis of cancer and in research (evaluating tumor profiling in breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). During 2014 ClinSeq plans to benchmark towards the molecular diagnostics used today and aims to introduce tumor profiling in the first clinical indications during the fall.

Phase 1 Clinical Trial Unit

Cancer Research KI supports the Phase I Clinical Trial Unit (Kliniska prövnings-enheten KPE) at the Karolinska Hospital with resources for a research nurse.

Mouse Pathology

Cancer Research KI (StratCan) provides support for a mouse pathologist, Raoul Kuiper, in charge of the mouse Morphologic Phenotype Analysis core facility in Huddinge. The aim is to lower the threshold for a qualified pathological evaluation for StratCan participants and the cancer research community at KI. Do not hesitate to contact Raoul to discuss your project!

Preclinical Cancer Test Facility

Cancer Research KI (StratCan) has initiated the development of a Preclinical Test Facility where new treatment modalities and early drug candidates can be validated and evaluated in advanced experimental models. For more information please contact Rainer Heuchel.
Preclinical Imaging Facility (PIF)

Karolinska High Troughput Center

KHTC offers open access to one of the most sophisticated and versatile analysis platforms in Europe, including integrated liquid/microplate handling and high-throughput screening (HTS) capabilities. In addition, KHTC provides services, expertise, and training in the fields of systems biology, functional genomics, and drug discovery to the Swedish and international scientific community.

Biobanking - joint efforts with RCC

Professor Per Ljungman, Director of the clinic of Hematology (2009-2013), Karolinska University Hospital, is since 2013 working part-time as a research coordinator at Regionalt cancercentrum (RCC) to build new structures to support cancer research. He is also part of a national group of research coordinators from the six RCCs in Sweden, working to find better ways to build common national structures for coordinated clinical trials in oncology and hematology. The position is jointly financed by StratCan and RCC.



Per Ljungman


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