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Awarded grants for Task Forces for Different Diagnoses (TFDD)

In total 9 grants for Task Forces for Different Diagnoses (TFDD) were awarded funding in the recent call by StratCan-KICancer (Dnr 2-3327/2018).

The grants serve as seed funding with aim to encourage KI and University Hospital-based researchers to join forces (including the newly formed FoUU-groups) around one major group of cancers.

Each of the task forces was formed to promote interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and translational cooperation. The task forces include all levels of research from bench to bedside, involving basic scientists, nursing scientists, epidemiologists, oncologists, surgeons and other clinicians.

Current Task Forces for Different Diagnoses

Network Theme/ Application Network leader SUM granted
Gynecological Cancers Joseph Carlson 100.000 SEK
The BRECT consortium Nick Tobin & Jonas Bergh 100.000 SEK
Pediatric Cancers Per Kogner 100.000 SEK
Pancreatic Tumors Matthias Löhr 100.000 SEK
Sarcoma Bertha Brodin 75.000 SEK
Head, Neck, Lung Tina Dalianis 75.000 SEK
Hematology Eva Hellström-Lindberg 75.000 SEK
Endocrine Cancers Catharina Larsson 75.000 SEK
Immune Checkpoint & Immunotherapy Georgios Rassidakis 50.000 SEK

TFDD call 2018

Out of a total of 13 received applications, the nine applications for TFDD listed above have been granted funding after evaluation by the KICancer network board. Total grant SUM 750.000 SEK (from KICancer and StratCan). The evaluation was based on four criteria: Scientific impact and quality, Action program, Added value of network & Organisation, Report on activities (when applicable).

More information regarding the grant call and announcement is available here.