KI-MDACC Collaborative Grants 2015

Karolinska Institutet (KI) is part of the MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) Sister Institution Network Fund (SINF) program, and now participates for the third time in a joint grant announcement.

Applications for joint 1-2 year grants for cancer research projects involving KI in Stockholm and MDACC at The University of Texas, Houston are welcome by November 2, 2015.


Only projects using complementary expertise and developed in collaboration between faculty/staff at MDACC and KI with principal investigators (PI) from each institution will be considered for funding.

At KI, only senior group leaders (PhD) with at least 2 years of salary/fellowship secured and working at least 50% as scientists at a KI department can apply.

At MDACC the funding mechanism is the Sister Institution Network Fund (SINF) and the MDACC PI needs to meet the criteria set for this funding instrument.


The total funding will consist of a maximum of 800,000 SEK per project (KI) and $ 100,000 per project (MDACC) over a two-year period.

Other MDACC Sister Institutions may participate together with the KI and MD Anderson partners, with funding levels and mechanisms for investigators at collaborating institutions to be determined by their home institution (MDACC states that strong preference will be given to projects involving more than one Sister Institution).

Funding provided by KI may be used for costs for personnel (except applicant’s position and stipends), consumables, and travel costs for exchanges and visits to the partner institution.

Content reviewer:
Dina Dabaghie