Specialized research with zebrafish

The zebrafish core facility provides high-end infrastructure to perform experiments using the zebrafish model. Our unit is open to internal, external and cooperate customers.

Let us make you an offer

Not sure what you want, how to do it or how much it will cost? Please contact us on zebrafish-office@km.ki.se, shedule a meeting and/or visit our homepage in the KI facility booking system iLab.  

Research on brain tumors
Zebrafish embryo transplanted with human brain cancer cells. Photo: Lars Bräutigam

Your needs in our solutions

  • The team of the zebrafish core facility can run complex research projects for you including applying for required licenses, planning the project, performing the experiments, and interpreting the data.
  • We offer researchers proficient in zebrafish techniques full accessibility to all instrumentation after an introduction.
  • We offer researchers not proficient in zebrafish techniques hands-on training in various techniques by our experts.
  • We provide research animals, even large quantities, to other zebrafish research facilities in Sweden and Europe.

Services and techniques

Price list

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