The Nordic zebrafish network

The Nordic Zebrafish Network (NZN) was established as a result of a workshop meeting in Stockholm, with the aim to bring together scientists and animal caretaker staff to improve the quality of husbandry and science.

Microscopic of Neural network Brain cells, Human nervous system.
Photo: Getty Images

In November 2023, almost all zebrafish facilities from the Nordic countries met in Stockholm. For two days, animal caretakers, facility heads and scientists discussed how research in zebrafish and husbandry of this laboratory animal can be optimized and harmonized to facilitate animal welfare and improve the significance and reproducibility of scientific data.

It quickly became clear that the key is to bring together both researchers and animal caretaker staff as optimal husbandry procedures before, during and after scientific studies are equally important as harmonizing and standardizing experiments and data analysis. 

Our key focus areas

Promoting 3R strategies

We actively encourage the adoption of 3R strategies in zebrafish research (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement). By emphasizing the 3Rs, we aim to minimize the use of animals, alleviate their pain and distress, and improve experimental procedures for optimal animal welfare which in turn will create more siginficant, reliable and reproducible scientific data. 

Facilitating knowledge sharing

NZN serves as a hub for researchers to exchange experiences, share best practices, and discuss challenges related to zebrafish research. Through collaboration, we can collectively learn, avoid pitfalls, and accelerate scientific discoveries.

Standardized protocols development

To enhance research quality and comparability, we are committed to developing standardized protocols for zebrafish studies. These protocols will ensure reproducibility across different laboratories, reduce variability in experimental outcomes, and advance our understanding of zebrafish biology. 

The benefits of a membership

The Nordic Zebrafish network brings together individuals working with zebrafish, whether you are a scientist, educator, animal caretaker or enthusiast. You are all warmly welcome to the Nordic Zebrafish network!

Being a member, you will profit form a large community with highly specialized skills that readily shares experiences, protocols and gives advice for zebrafish research and care. Many of the protocols, SOPs and other documents which help you to improve husbandry and research you will readily find on our webpage. 

Moreover, the Nordic Zebrafish network will regularily organize online events, courses and conferences where you can meet your peers to discuss everything concerning the zebrafish model. 

Please contact Cesilie Røtnes Amundsen or Lars Bräutigam to become a member. During 2024, the membership is free of charge!