A community intervention

The aim of the first part of the project is to perform interventions to increase both help seeking behaviour and referrals to first-line mental health services. We have gathered data on Haninge’s demographics to tailor interventions geographically according to need.

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In order to explore possible barriers to care, interviews with migrant parents in contact with psychiatric services for their children are being or were conducted. The focus of the interviews is to elicit parents’ experiences of help-seeking and to understand factors that can facilitate or hinder this process.

We will provide:

Health communication to stakeholders

  • Stakeholders and professionals in the immediate community, such as: NGOs, Student health, Social services, BUP and primary care 
  • One-day training offered, several opportunities within six months
  • Training focuses on how to identify children in need of health care; on migration and trauma

Health communication to the target group

  • Target group: migrant parents and unaccompanied minors who have been in Sweden less than 10 years
  • Delivered by health communicators from Transkulturellt Centrum
  • Delivered in groups, multiple sessions


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