About NextGenNK

NextGenNK is a Competence Center for the development of next generation natural killer (NK) cell-based cancer immunotherapies. The Center is coordinated by Karolinska Institutet and collaborates with the Karolinska University Hospital and prominent national and international industrial partners. The Center was launched in 2020, and is jointly funded by Vinnova, KI, and the Industrial partners.


Within the Center, Swedish and International SME/industries and Karolinska University Hospital as a representative of the public sector work together with KI scientists with a long-term vision to develop novel, safe, affordable, and curative cancer treatments leading to a better quality of life.

The aim to build a collaborative environment where ground-breaking research and innovation can be developed in collaboration with SME/industry and health care (public sector), ensuring and securing a flow of new research via long term initiatives. The three-part collaborations are built upon the presumption that all three stakeholders both need and benefit from interactions with each other.


Our vision is to transform tomorrow’s means of treating cancer by innovative and affordable NK cell-based therapies developed in collaboration with SME/industry and health care, and thereby, make Swedish and select international SMEs/industry global leaders in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

The presently outlined therapies will potentially transform medical practice, with the promise to treat, manage and potentially cure some of the most debilitating and costly diseases. As such, we aim to create and develop a new segment in Swedish Life Science Industry Research Strategy