NK cell related publications

Adaptive single-KIR+NKG2C+ NK cells expanded from select superdonors show potent missing-self reactivity and efficiently control HLA-mismatched acute myeloid leukemia.
Haroun-Izquierdo A, Vincenti M, Netskar H, van Ooijen H, Zhang B, Bendzick L, Kanaya M, Momayyezi P, Li S, Wiiger MT, Hoel HJ, Krokeide SZ, Kremer V, Tjonnfjord G, Berggren S, Wikström K, Blomberg P, Alici E, Felices M, Önfelt B, Höglund P, Valamehr B, Ljunggren HG, Björklund A, Hammer Q, Kveberg L, Cichocki F, Miller JS, Malmberg KJ, Sohlberg E
J Immunother Cancer 2022 Nov;10(11):

Generation of NK cells with chimeric-switch receptors to overcome PD1-mediated inhibition in cancer immunotherapy.
Susek KH, Schwietzer YA, Karvouni M, Gilljam M, Keszei M, Hussain A, Lund J, Kashif M, Lundqvist A, Ljunggren HG, Nahi H, Wagner AK, Alici E
Cancer Immunol Immunother 2022 Nov;():

A tractable microscopy- and flow cytometry-based method to measure natural killer cell-mediated killing and infiltration of tumor spheroids
Schwietzer Y A, Susek K H, Chen Z, Alici E, Wagner A K
Methods in Cell Biology, 2022

Miniaturized and multiplexed high-content screening of drug and immune sensitivity in a multichambered microwell chip.
Sandström N, Carannante V, Olofsson K, Sandoz PA, Moussaud-Lamodière EL, Seashore-Ludlow B, Van Ooijen H, Verron Q, Frisk T, Takai M, Wiklund M, Östling P, Önfelt B
Cell Rep Methods 2022 Jul;2(7):100256

Autologous NK cells as consolidation therapy following stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma.
Nahi H, Chrobok M, Meinke S, Gran C, Marquardt N, Afram G, Sutlu T, Gilljam M, Stellan B, Wagner AK, Blomberg P, Holmqvist PH, Walther-Jallow L, Mellström K, Liwing J, Gustafsson C, Månsson R, Klimkowska M, Gahrton G, Lund J, Ljungman P, Ljunggren HG, Alici E
Cell Rep Med 2022 Feb;3(2):100508

LIR-1 educates expanded human NK cells and defines a unique antitumor NK cell subset with potent antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity.
Leijonhufvud C, Reger R, Segerberg F, Theorell J, Schlums H, Bryceson YT, Childs RW, Carlsten M
Clin Transl Immunology 2021 ;10(10):e1346

NK cells integrate signals over large areas when building immune synapses but require local stimuli for degranulation.
Verron Q, Forslund E, Brandt L, Leino M, Frisk TW, Olofsson PE, Önfelt B
Sci Signal 2021 05;14(684):

The transcription factor Bcl11b promotes both canonical and adaptive NK cell differentiation.
Holmes TD, Pandey RV, Helm EY, Schlums H, Han H, Campbell TM, Drashansky TT, Chiang S, Wu CY, Tao C, Shoukier M, Tolosa E, Von Hardenberg S, Sun M, Klemann C, Marsh RA, Lau CM, Lin Y, Sun JC, Månsson R, Cichocki F, Avram D, Bryceson YT
Sci Immunol 2021 03;6(57):

Thioredoxin activity confers resistance against oxidative stress in tumor-infiltrating NK cells.
Yang Y, Neo SY, Chen Z, Cui W, Chen Y, Guo M, Wang Y, Xu H, Kurzay A, Alici E, Holmgren L, Haglund F, Wang K, Lundqvist A
J Clin Invest 2020 10;130(10):5508-5522