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Bioinformatics Platform

Driven by the technological development in DNA and RNA sequencing, single cell technologies, as well as high-throughput screenings, increasingly complex datasets are generated at a fast pace within life/biomedical sciences. In order to analyse these datasets, researchers in these fields are facing growing demands for bioinformatic services. The goal of the bioinformatics platform is to provide highly-specialised bioinformatics support in the areas of genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, high-throughput screen deconvolution and systems biology. Furthermore, it serves as a knowledge base that connects the bioinformatics know-how already present in the individual research groups of MWLC in Stockholm and Hong Kong. The core of the platform is presently formed by one computational biologist and one bioinformatician who are organising a network between the two nodes and are providing bioinformatic services to MWLC. The bioinformatics platform will expand in the near future.

Directors: Dr. Zongli Zheng (Hong Kong) and Dr. Gonçalo Castelo-Branco (Stockholm)

Division members:

Computational Biologist

Virpi Ahola

Telefon:+852 2624 3806


Shangli Cheng

Telefon:+852 9296 9320