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Research at the Division of Clinical Geriatrics

The research within the division is clinically oriented and in close collaboration with Theme Ageing at the Karolinska University Hospital. The major part of the research focuses on patients with cognitive impairment and dementia, but we also have several studies related to Parkinson disease and Stroke. Our research also focuses on drugs and the elderly, prevention and geriatric frailty.

Research groups at our division

Group Leader Research group and project
Linda Björkhem-Bergman Linda Björhem-Bergman's research group of Palliative Medicin
Agneta Nordberg Nordberg Translational Molecular Imaging Lab
Taher Darreh-Shori

Darreh-Shori's Lab/group

Dorota Religa Dementia and Multimorbidity
Eric Westman Westman neuroimaging group
Lars-Olof Wahlund Wahlund's research group - Frontal lobes and cognitive failure
Miia Kivipelto
Maria Eriksdotter Maria Eriksdotter research group

All staff and research

All staff at our division and research that is not conducted within the research groups above is described at the profile pages for each researcher.

Thesis defended at our division

Thesis published from the division listed per year (PDF). They can also be found via the Karolinska Institutet library.