Research network Neurorehabilitation

Area of research: Neurorehabilitation

Area of research:  Neuro - rehabilitation. The research has its clinical base at Aleris Rehab Station, Stockholm, Sweden`s largest neuro-rehab facility, and located a subsidiary of Aleris Inc

The research unit has more than 20 years of continuous activity at KI and NVS. 

Research is spanning from Quality of Life perspectives, to epidemiological surveys and clinical treatment interventions.  It also covers the whole lifespan from children and adolescence to adults and elderly. The research is person-centered and aims at improving rehabilitation, life conditions and functional restoration for a number of patient groups. 

Albeit with a focus on spinal cord injury, diagnose groups such as brain injury and MS are also under scrutiny. The network has decades of extensive research in the field of spinal cord injury research and thus a leading position in Sweden.

The network also collaborates with other national and international research groups in the field.

Persons affiliated to Research network Neurorehabilitation

Kerstin Wahman
Claes Hultling
Tobias Holmlund
Fredrik von Kieweritzky
Åke Seiger
Inka Löfvenmark
Marika Augutis
Elisabeth Carlsson Farrelly
Emelie Butler Forslund
Jonas Gripenland


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