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The application process consists of three steps:

  • Review before advertising and green light (step 1)
  • Advertisement of PhD position (step 2)
  • Application for the admission seminar (step 3)

Admission seminars

NVS Admission seminar 2018-02-15
NVS Admission seminar 2018-05-23
NVS Admission seminar 2018-05-29 (only applications within Doctoral school in health care sciences)

Recruitment schedule

Planning scheme in larger size

In order to be admitted as a doctoral student it is essential that the applicant meets the general and specific entry requirements (eligibility).

The Application Process

As of 1 January 2014, all doctoral student positions with Karolinska Institutet as lead employer should be advertised. The admission process consists of three different steps. Below is an outline to guide in the process when planning for recruitment of a doctoral student.

For those with a licentiate degree applying for education to a PhD, please contact Catarina Cleveson for information.

NVS projects in the Doctoral School in Health Care Sciences are advertised in accordance with special instructions. Preparation for the Admission seminar for the selected candidate, see  Admission (step 3)

Review before advertising and green light (step 1)

All doctoral studentship positions, including student position financed by KID-funding, must be previewed before advertisement and green light. The application must be approved by the Head of the division planned to host the student (usually the same division as the main supervisor). After approval of the Head of Division, please send the application by e-mail to

The following documents should be sent as a PDF file via e-mail to Catarina Cleveson.

  1. Financing plan. Amount per month including LKP and INDI. (appendix 4).The financing plan shall be signed by the Head of Division, the proposed main supervisor and any other part responsible for the funding.
  2. Research plan (see template). NB, for the phase I review the planned substudies could be more briefly described than what is required for the final application in step III.
  3. All intended supervisors' curriculum vitae (maximum of 2 pages/supervisor) and their proof of formal supervisor training.

Green light and exemption from advertising

Exemption from the requirement to advertise the position can be made after approval by the Director of Doctoral Education at NVS, Maria Ankarcrona. Exemption from the advertisement requirement is for example when doctoral studentships are connected to external scholarships or studentships entirely supported by another main employer (i.e. the student will not be employed by Karolinska Institutet). 

To apply for green light and exemption from advertising, send an e-mail to Catarina Cleveson with these documents as PDF:file:

1. Exemption application form (also includes green light application)

2. Financing certificate from the employer

3. Appendix 4

4. Research plan

5. Supervisors´ CV (max 2 pages)

6. Certificate of formal supervisor training

Exemption application form

Advertising (step 2)

(doctoral positions with KI as lead employer)

For more information on how to recruit doctoral students, see Karolinska Institutet’s Intraweb.

The following forms should be submitted via email to the HR officer Mona Hellstadius,

The main supervisor is responsible for interviews and selection as well as to submit a written statement with a motivation of the candidate selected. The selected candidate applies for general eligibility (form 1).

Final application and admission (step 3)

When offered a position you must apply for an assessment of your eligibility. We recommend you to do it as soon as you have been notified.  

The final application, in paper format (single-sided printing and with all the signatures in original), should be approved by the Head of Division and reviewed by the division's representative of the Committee for postgraduate education (FoUK), 3 weeks before the admission seminar. Thereafter the final application shall be sent to Catarina Cleveson 2 weeks before the admission seminar.

The final application must contain:

  1. Approved eligibility to doctoral studies (form 1)
  2. Application for admission (form 2)
  3. Individual study plan (form 3 + appendix 4)
  4. Research plan (see template)
  5. Curriculum vitae of the candidate
  6. Copies of ethical approvals for all included projects and, in cases where approval is lacking, a description of the permits required
  7. A copy the document certifying that the main supervisor has passed Karolinska Institutet’s course on research supervision (or other supervisor training approved by the Board of postgraduate education), and a certificate from the KI web course (not older than 5 years)
  8. CV for all supervisors (max 2 pages/supervisor)
  9. The approval for announcement of PhD position or the approved exemption form with green light for the main-supervisor

Important to note: Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant and only considered when returned completed.

Admission seminar

The admission seminar consists of a short presentation (10 minutes) of the research project for the Admission Board. The presentation is given in English by the applicant. A discussion about the application and the project follows, led by the discussion leader of the Admission Board. The presence of the main supervisor and, if possible, co-supervisor(s) and external mentor, is required and all are asked to take part in the discussion together with the applicant.

The applicant must show a valid personal identification document in connection with the admission seminar. 

Intended learning outcomes

Read more about intended learning outcomes on KI's web doctoral education.

Rules and general syllabus

Rules and study plan for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet.
Forms and documents for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet.

If and when you have questions regarding admission to doctoral education, please contact:

Catarina Cleveson
Phone: 08-524 868 32

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