A 5 - year follow-up of a client-centred ADL intervention after stroke

This study is a 5-year follow up of 280 people with stroke and their relatives who participated in a randomized controlled intervention study during the first year after stroke, Life After Stroke II (LAS- II).

The study was conducted in three counties (Gävleborg, Uppsala, Stockholm) where a client-centred ADL (Activities of Daily Living) intervention (CADL) was compared with usual ADL training (UADL).


To evaluate the long term effects of a client-centred ADL intervention (CADL) in comparison with usual ADL-intervention (UADL).


A longitudinal design using quantitative and qualitative methods. Data-collection comprises structured interviews and tests of perceived participation, self-efficacy, life satisfaction, and independence in ADL. Qualitative interviews will be carried out to explore experiences and the importance of everyday activities among people with stroke. In addition life satisfaction and caregiver burden of the participants' significant others will be evaluated.


Swedish Research Council; grant number 2013-2806

Principal Investigator

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Susanne Guidetti

Professor/Occupational Therapist

Other researchers

Gunilla Eriksson, Ulla Johansson, Kerstin Tham, Lena von Koch, Charlotte Ytterberg, Annicka Hedman, Anna Brorsson and Mandana Fallahpour.