Global health and sustainable development

Global health is cross disciplinary and includes both international health related challenges and local health system management, where environmental health is an important aspect. Our research area is the meeting point between global health, caring and healthy sustainable environment. The project group also act as coordinating unit of the Research network about female genital mutilation (FORTE-supported).

Research profile

Caring emerges from the experiences of humans, their reactions and needs in their life situation. Evidence based knowledge on both individual-, group- and society level contributes to ensure patient safely, qualitative care and to prevent ill health.

Sustainable development is defined as development that ensures the demands of today without risking possibilities for coming generations to ensure their needs (the Bruntland commission 1987). Here health, nursing and healthy environment are included, but also economic and social welfare.


Ongoing common project

The overall aim of the project group is to develop research to improve health, nursing and environment both in international and in local collaborations. The focal point is synergy effects and potential contradictions between different global sustainable development goals (SDGs), with that qualitative and quantitative study designs will contribute to the aim. The results from the studies will bring new knowledge and change to improve health, nursing and environmnet to contribute to fulfill the Agenda 2030. The project also covers how the SDGs can be used as a strategic tool in work on sustainable development from individual, local, national and international perspectives.

Please see further the project descriptions in respectively member profile with the project group. 

Project group leader

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Vanja Berggren

Senior Lecturer

Group members

Beth Maina Ahlberg

Professor Emerita in Global Health

Staffan Bergström

Professor Emeritus/Emerita

Owolabi Bjälkander

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Åsa Craftman

Senior Lecturer

Bita Eshraghi

Phd Student
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Susanne Guidetti

Professor/Occupational Therapist

Atika Khalaf

Research related

Kristianstad University

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Asli Kulane

Senior Lecturer

Edward Kumakech

Affiliated to Research

Thivhulawi Malwela

Affiliated to Research

Tara Mantler

Assistant professor

Western University, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Health Studies, London

Sonto Maputle

Research related

Venda University

Profile image

Lena Marions

Affiliated to Research
Profile image

Margarita Mondaca

Lecturer;Assistant Professor

Aisha Nalusiba

Research related

Faith Nawagi

Research related


Ph.D. HPE  Scholar

Kampala, Uganda

Zada Pajalic

Professor, Dr Med Sci, PhD


Martin Söderberg

Research related

PhD, sociologist Swedish Migration Agency

Profile image

Hana Taha

Affiliated to Research

Jipi Varghese

Assistant professor

College of Health Sciences, Department of nursing, University of Fujairah,

United Arab Emirates 

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