Operation Save Lives: Education in suicide prevention

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Operation Save Lives is a lecture series about suicide prevention that is intended to spread knowledge about mental ill-health and suicide in order to prevent suicide. Since 2012 we have offered this lecture series each semester in a new area of Stockholm. Thus far, approximately 3000 people have participated in the one-day introductory seminar.      

One-day introductory seminar

Target group

The one-day introductory seminar targets primarily people who come into contact with suicidal and vulnerable people in their profession.

During the seminar, the following areas are highlighted:

  • Facts about suicide, myths and taboos
  • The connection between suicide and mental ill-health
  • The importance of an open dialogue in talking about suicide
  • The treatment of suicidal patients and the professional approach
  • Risk factors – what to look for
  • Protective factors against suicide attempt
  • Causes of suicide among youth, treatment and prevention
  • The purpose of a suicide risk assessment - why is it necessary and when should it be performed?

Advanced half-day seminar

Individuals who participate in the one-day general introductory seminar have the opportunity to take part in Operation Save Lives’ half-day advanced seminar. These courses focuses on different themes and questions surrounding suicide prevention work. The goal is to spread knowledge and to further strengthen the knowledge obtained in the introductory course.

Seminar about encountering vulnerable and suicidal individuals

  • Why are difficult conversations difficult?
  • Attitudes towards suicide – how to they affect us?
  • About the area between total caring and rejection
  • Spiritual, existential or religious questions – Do you dare venture into that topic?
  • How can I be available when I’d rather leave?
  • A simple conversational method
  • When someone’s right to take their life collides with my duty to prevent it
  • The suicidal person’s ambivalence – an important ally
  • To meet a suicidal individual in the clinic or in the city

Seminar about trans-cultural aspects of suicide

Being able to prevent suicide requires not only knowledge about suicide prevention but also knowledge about how this problem presents and manifests itself in different cultures. This half-day seminar focuses on how you can prevent suicide in a multicultural society.

Seminar about cooperation and collaboration in suicide prevention

What does good cooperation mean when someone begins to have suicidal thoughts? Who do I work with and how? This advanced training course aims to create a dialogue about cooperation and collaboration between the business/actors. The training course consists of helpful tips and provides concrete tools for how cooperation can be developed into something sustainable and long-term. The thought is that through improved collaboration and increased knowledge of suicide, we will be able to prevent suicide.


Project coordinator

Linda Karlsson

Phone: +46-(0)76-052 24 12
E-mail: linda.karlsson@ki.se

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