NASP Journal seminar series

Welcome to NASP journal seminar series - a Journal seminar arranged by National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention at LIME.

What is NASP Journal seminar?

NASP organizes Journal seminars, during which researchers can present their scientific work in the area of suicide and mental health research. 

With these seminar series, we aim to offer opportunities to learn, network and discuss research with anyone who is interested in the topic of suicide, both within and outside Karolinska Institutet. We encourage interactive seminars and will always leave time for participants to discuss various questions related to the topic. Besides this, we want to increase the visibility of impactful research and the researchers behind it, and to introduce National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (NASP) alongside this. 

The seminars will be advertised on this page, in the LIME newsletter and as a calendar event on KI’s news webpage.  

Regarding PhD-students, credits can be obtained for attending these seminars as long as the topic is relevant for your research. 

Next Journal seminar

To be announced. 

Upcoming Journal seminars

To be announced. 

Previous Journal seminars

November 24th 2022: Jaël van Bentum presented her scientific work related to her paper "Suicidal intrusions and EMDR therapy evaluation".

May 11th 2023: Charli Eriksson presented the four year nordic project "Positive Mental Health among School-aged Children in the Nordic Countries"

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