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Susanne Schlisio Group

Oxygen-sensing and Cancer

Our research concerns the mechanisms of how disruption of oxygen-sensing pathways can lead to cancer. Oxygen sensors enable the cell to adapt to low-oxygen environments and are critical for normal development and apoptosis. These events are often disrupted in the development of tumors. Oxygen sensing is mediated partly via prolyl hydroxylases that require molecular oxygen for enzymatic activity. Our work focuses on how prolyl hydroxylases execute apoptosis in neural precursors during development and how disruption of this process can lead to certain forms of nervous-system tumors.

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Group Members

PhD, Associate Professor Susanne Schlisio
Susanne Schlisio is a cancer biologist with extensive experience in sympathoadrenal nervous system malignancies, neuronal development and cancer mouse models. She performed her PhD studies at Duke University Medical School in 2002 in cancer research. In 2008, she completed her postdoctoral research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at the Harvard Medical School. As a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. William G. Kaelin, Jr. she was part of the team discovering how cells adapt to changes in oxygen availability and how this process is directly linked to cancer-discoveries that now have been recognized with award of the Lasker Prize to Dr. Kaelin. In 2008, she was a recipient of an internationally competitive member position at the Ludwig Cancer Institute Stockholm to start her own research group. Since 2017, she is faculty at Department of Microbiology Tumor and Cell biology at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Her current and future work includes the identification of novel oxygen-sensing pathways that are implicated in malignant transformation, with focus on cancer arising from the sympathoadrenal lineage, such as neuroblastoma and pheochromocytoma.

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Laboratory at Ludwig Cancer Research

Susanne Schlisio laboratory at Ludwig Cancer Research


  • Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse
  • Swedish Research Council (VR)
  • Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (BCF)
  • Swedish Cancer Society (CF)
  • Para Difference Foundation
  • Gösta Fraenckels stiftelse för medicinsk forskning



Susanne Schlisio

Enhet: Susanne Schlisio