Research Division of Genome Biology

The research conducted at the Research Division of Genome Biology explores various aspects of genome metabolism, and how their perturbation can lead to disease. Besides our basic research activities, and with the help of the National Platforms available at Karolinska campus, we also investigate in translational aspects that can derive in new treatments for various diseases.

Research interests

At present, the Division integrates the activities of two groups. Research in the Bartek group focuses on various mechanistic aspects of the DNA damage response. Of particular interest is discovery of targets and markers for personalized cancer treatment and finding novel components or mechanisms of genome integrity maintenance. In a second line of research the Bartek group aims to better understand the principles of ribosome biogenesis surveillance, that is, how cells are sensing defects in ribosome production.

The Fernández-Capetillo laboratory focuses on the use of cell-based phenotypic screens for the development of new medicines. Neglected until rather recently, due to a focus on target-oriented drug development, phenotypic screens have yielded some of the most important medical advances to our societies. With the help of automatized microscopes, the laboratory designs phenotypic screens that aim to mimic a disease condition. The research mostly focuses on diseases that are largely neglected by the industry, or in the repositioning of current medically approved drugs for their use in other diseases.

Research groups

Members of the Research Division for Genome Biology.Jiri Bartek group
Research on DNA damage response, DNA repair and mechanisms of genome integrity maintenance.

Oscar Fernández-Capetillo group
Cell-based phenotypic screens for the development of new medicines.


"Phenotypic screening – how to query biology in high content and high throughput analysis?"
April 26, 2018 at SciLifeLab


Head of Division, Research coordinator

Per Moberg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 812 66
Organizational unit: Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo's Group


Research Division of Genome Biology

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