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At least two supervisors shall be appointed for each doctoral student. One of them shall be nominated as the principal supervisor. A doctoral student who so requests shall be allowed to change supervisor.

If a co-supervisor is to be changed - hand in form 15 for changing supervisor (found below, point 4) together with an updated and signed Individual study plan. Write ending and starting date for the supervisor constellation and their percentage of supervisor responsibility on form 15. Form 15 is to be signed by doctoral student, all supervisors (the ones leaving the project and the ones starting in the project) and handed in IN PRINT on one-sided paper to the administrative officer of doctoral education at LIME, Ingrid Smedberg. Postbox on floor 4, LIME.

If the principal supervisor is to be changed, the future principal supervisor also needs to apply for a green light at the Dept of LIME. The ‘green light’ decision is made by the head of the department together with the director of doctoral studies and head of administration.

Hand in form for green light (below) together with attachments listed further down:

1. Form for green light

2. Certificate of supervisor training and web course (web course is not to be older than 5 years)

3. Financing plan for a doctoral student at LIME

4. Form for changing supervisor combination

5. An updated Individual study plan

If you have questions in this matter, contact administrative officer Ingrid Smedberg or director of doctoral education at LIME, Tomas Månsson.