Ladok and credits


In Ladok you have access to a special student interface where you can get an overview of your studies and also need to do certain tasks on your own. For example, you will need register there for your research project (your doctoral education) and the doctoral courses at KI that you are taking, you can print out study and registration certificates and apply for degree certificates.

As a doctoral student you need to register for your research project in Ladok in the beginning of each semester (your research project = your doctoral education). The registration period is open from December 15th to January 31st for a spring semester, and from June 15th to August 31st for an autumn semester. Keep in mind these dates! You must register in Ladok each semester even if you are not active for that semester.

Watch a brief introduction movie to the Ladok student interface (subtitled in English)

You can whenever you want view most of what is reported for you in Ladok using the link below.

Link to Ladok on the web



Before applying for dissertation at KI you need at least 30 credits reported in your Ladok. For a licentiate the credits required is 15 credits. Depending on your admission date there is a specific General Syllabus you must follow. Find all general syllabuses here:

General syllabuses for doctoral students at LIME

Credits for courses and educational activities that a doctoral student wish to have reported in Ladok must first have been stated in the individual study plan handed in at time for application for admission, or in updated version/yearly follow-up. Course plans can be changed during your education, and is then to be stated in your yearly follow-up or in your updated individual study plan.

Credits will be reported in Ladok based on the following:

* Courses taken at KI. Automatically reported, after passing the course, by course giving department for doctoral students registered at KI.

* Courses taken outside KI. Apply for credit transfer using form 13 (below), don't forget important certificates and the course syllabus. If you print a certificate (Official transcript of records) from Ladok - make sure you tick the box for "Level within study regulation/Uppgifter om nivå inom studieordning" to show the study level of the course taken. The course may not be included in the general eligibility that was valid at the time of your admission. One separate application form 13 has to be filled out for every credit transfer.

* Participation in seminar series or journal clubs. Apply for credit reporting using form 16 (below), together with our LIME-specific certificate (below) or other certificates issued from seminar or journal club organiser.

* Teaching. Apply for credit reporting using form 16 (below), together with verified document from supervisor listing time span, intensity and name of course and likewise.

* Visit to research group. Apply for credit reporting using form 16 (below), together with verified document from supervisor listing time span, intensity and university name and/or location for visit.

* Own presentation at international congress. Apply for credit reporting  using form 16, together with verified document from congress or supervisor showing doctoral students participation in print on time table or likewise.

The application is to be submitted to the administrative officer of doctoral education (Ingrid Smedberg) IN PRINT on SINGLE SIDED paper together with an attested certificate/documentation (postbox on floor 4, LIME). The departmental director of doctoral studies will decide whether the transfer of credits may take place. If the application is approved it will be reported in your Ladok within 1-4 weeks. If the application is unclear or needs to be complemented in some way we will contact you. If you have questions about the final decision, please contact the director of doctoral education directly.

Form 13 Application for credit transfer (English). Updated March 2019

Blankett 13 Ansökan om tillgodoräknande (Svenska). Updaterad Mars 2019

Form 16 Reporting credit-bearing activities (English and Swedish). Updated March 2020

Certificate template for participation in seminars or journal clubs at LIME 

What can count as a credit-bearing seminar at LIME  Updated October 2020


Regarding how to hand in the application during the coronavirus pandemic - contact administrative officer Ingrid Smedberg by email (!