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Half-time review at LIME

The half-time review shall be carried out for every doctoral student who will be taking a doctorate and should be carried out two years after admission or when two years of full-time doctoral education or the equivalent has been completed.

The principal (main) supervisor and the doctoral student are responsible for and will take initiative to carry out the half time review.

Formal requirements

At least one annual review / yearly follow-up of the research study plan must have been completed and registered in Ladok, between registration and halftime review.

How many course credits that must be completed before half time review is stated in the general study plan. Each student is to follow the general study plan in force at his/her admission. There are four versions (see below) of the general study plan in the subject of medical science depending on the date of admission.

Please note. For doctoral students at LIME accepted 2006-03-01 -- 2017-12-31 we require that the 'general science knowledge' requirements are fulfilled prior to applying for the half-time review (research ethics, statistics and two other general science subjects, adding up to a minimum of 7,5 credits. For doctoral students at LIME accepted after 2018-01-01 you need at least 10 credits within the 'compulsory courses' category. Read more about 'general sciences knowledge' requirements and 'compulsory courses' category in your general study plan below.






Doctoral students admitted before March 1, 2006 (who have not changed to the subject medical science) can contact the Administrative of doctoral education at LIME to receive a copy of their general study plan.

The half-time review board

The board is to consist of three researchers with adequate knowledge of the subject who are independent from the project and who have obtained a doctoral degree.


Prior to handing in your application you need to book a short meeting with Director of doctoral education Tomas Månsson ( Application form - see below.

The application for half-time review (form below) is to be handed in (IN PRINT) to the departmental Administrative officer Ingrid Smedberg for doctoral education at least ONE MONTH before the seminar date. Postbox on floor 3, Widerströmska building.

The following is to be enclosed when applying for a half-time review at the department of LIME:

  1. A half-time summary, containing the below:

    - A literature review of the research field (normally about 8 pages excluding references).
    - Description of the scientific progress and the progress of learning within the doctoral education project (2-4 pages)
    - Plan for the future doctoral education (1-2 pages)
    - Reflection about ethical considerations within the project

  2. The doctoral student’s individual study plan (the original, or if there is one, an updated study plan, signed by supervisor(s))
  3. A list and copies of papers (manuscripts and/or publications)
  4. The student's LADOK-excerpt (a new print-out)
  5. Copies of all ethical permits (both the applications and the permits). If the studies do not require an ethical permit, this is to be expressly certified by the supervisor
  6. Copy of annual review/s of the study plan


Advertising your half-time review seminar

The half-time review seminar shall be public and is to be advertised in-house well in advance and in a suitable manner by the student or supervisor. Send an email to with an invitation to your half-time. Also send the information listed below to for your half-time to be posted in the LIME calendar.

  • Title
  • Your name, centre, unit and/or research group
  • Place
  • Time
  • Supervisors
  • Half-time review board
  • Brief description (optional)

After approval of the half-time application

Supervisor/doctoral student is then responsible for sending copies of the whole application to the half time review board members at least 2 weeks prior to the halftime review. The "Instructions for the board" are also to be sent to the members of the board.


The half-time review seminar and the follow-up meeting

The half-time review consists of a seminar, and a follow-up meeting.

The seminar consists of a presentation held by the doctoral student in English. The presentation shall summarise results and further planning of the doctoral education in relation to the doctoral student’s individual study plan, usually as a public research seminar and subsequent discussion.

After the half-time seminar, the board meets with the supervisors and the doctoral student and, if possible, the mentor, to review the progress. Together with the doctoral student, the supervisors and the mentor the following shall be discussed:

  • plans for the remaining educational activities
  • the structure of the supervision
  • ethical matters

The board is responsible for that the half-time review protocol (form 5, below) is completed and signed by all board members. The supervisor is responsible for taking the half-time protocol (below) to the seminar. It is then handed to the department's Administrative officer of doctoral education at LIME, Ingrid Smedberg, postbox on floor 3, Widerströmska buildning. Should there be remarks or proposals for changes to the current plan, the written synthesis from the half-time review shall apply as a revision of the individual study plan. Revisions to the individual study plan are approved by the Director of doctoral education.

The half-time review is registered in the doctoral student's LADOK by the Administrative officer of doctoral education at LIME.

Bring the half-time review form to the seminar (below)!

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