Does quality influence choice of healthcare provider?

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The introduction of patient choice has been one of the largest changes to the healthcare market in Sweden in recent years. In this project we will investigate if patients take quality of care into account in their choice of healthcare providers.

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The aim of the project

The project aims to test one of the basic assumptions that the introduction of patient choice rests on - that increased choice leads to increased quality. The research question could be addressed from many perspectives and with a variety of methods – the most immediate would be to ask the patients directly. In this project, we will take advantage of the comprehensive Swedish registries of healthcare utilization combined with quality data from quality registries and patient surveys to observe the actual, not the stated, behavior of patients seeking healthcare. During the last years there has been an increased interest in developing and using quantitative statistical methods to study choices made by individuals. The purpose of these analyses is both to gain a better understanding of how choices are made, and to forecast future choice responses. However, to our knowledge, this is the first attempt to investigate the relationship between patient choice and quality of care using registry data in Sweden. 

Results in brief

There are no results from the project yet.

Continued work

The project is expected to be finished in 2020.

Contact person

Graduate Student

Cecilia Dahlgren

Organizational unit: MMC/Health Economics and Policy