Health economic evaluations

The research group has several research projects related to the development and application of methods for health economic evaluations.

The purpose of the projects 

A health economic evaluation compares costs and health outcomes of two or more options in order to evaluate which option is cost-effective, i.e. whether the costs are reasonable in relation to the effect. Health economic evaluations can inform decisions regarding the allocation of resources in the health care system, and thus contribute to an efficient use of limited resources.

In the research group, we work with health economic evaluations of self-testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, prostate cancer screening, vaccines and interventions that are part of the person-centred and coordinated pathways (personcentrerade och sammanhållna vårdförlopp). We also have projects from Region Stockholm and other authorities regarding various methodological issues, such as which costs and effects should be included in health economic evaluations or which outcome measures should be used for health economic evaluations.


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