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Activity and financing and Annual Review

Reporting Activity

At the end of each term, the doctoral student is required to report his/her doctoral education activity and how it is financed to the departmental Director of doctoral education. An e-mail will be sent to you regarding this matter from the departmental Administrative officer of doctoral education Ingrid Smedberg.

'Activity' refers to the percentage of time you have devoted to your doctoral education/research project. Included is also participation in doctoral courses, seminar series, congresses, project work in your spare time, etc. Teaching or other departmental duties should not be included in the report. Please note that activities (listed above) that you have been engaged in and that are not financed, should also be reported and should be categorized as "ÖVR".

The activity and financing information is registered in Ladok. No activities during a term (0%) means no registration that term. You are still admitted to doctoral education but not as an active doctoral student.

Annual follow-up / Yearly follow-up

The individual study plan and progress in doctoral education must be followed up once a year, using the form "Annual follow-up of doctoral education, in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance. An e-mail (including the form to be used) will be sent to you normally in late autumn regarding this matter from the departmental Administrative officer of doctoral education Ingrid Smedberg. The annual follow-up should be used to document any important changes from the original individual study plan (plan from admission or the last one reported), including the research plan. The original study plan together with the annual follow-ups should reflect the starting-point and development of the doctoral project. These documents are saved in your doctoral folder at the administrative office and the follow-up is registered in Ladok. At least one annual follow-up must be registered in Ladok before half-time review. The follow-up shall be signed by the doctoral student and main supervisor, and shall contain the following information:

  • completed elements in accordance with the plan
  • updating of the research project or credit-generating elements (courses, conferencens, seminars etc) that are planned
  • updating of the planned time plan or financing plan
  • other information that should be revised in comparison with the original individual study plan that was submitted

Rules for Doctoral education at KI