Novel biomarkers and their role in risk prediction of cardiovascular disease

The novel biological markers we study include:

  • Genetic variants (using CardioMetabo Chip, Immunochip and candidate gene approach)

  • Immunological markers (IgM antibodies against phosphorylcholine and others)

  • Cytokines: IL6, IL6R, sgp130, Il8 and others.

  • PCSK9

  • Fatty acids

  • PPARGC1α

  • Growth factors

The studies are mainly based on different study materials (described under separate links): The Cohort of 60-year-olds (60YO), the Carotis Intima Media (IMT) and IMT progression as predictors of athersosclerosis and CVD (IMPROVE), and the Stockholm Heart Epidemiology Program (SHEEP). Several international and national collaborations are running including collaborations in consortia (CARDIOGRAM, CARDIOGRAM+, C4D, GIANT, MAGIC, GENIUS, CHARGE) as well as collaborations in 4 EU-projects.


  • Swedish Research Council
  • Heart & Lung Foundation
  • Stockholm County Council (ALF)
  • the Cardiovascular Programme at Karolinska Institutet
  • European Union grants

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Ulf de Faire

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Karin Leander

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