The COMPREHEND (an acronym for “Combined cohorts of menopausal women – Studies of register-based health outcomes in relation to hormonal drugs”) collaboration was initiated in 2011 with the general aim of providing insights into the potential influences from postmenopausal hormone therapy on health outcomes. Individual participant data from a number of population-based cohorts in Sweden have been pooled to obtain a study population of women sufficiently large to examine a number of factors including the timing of postmenopausal hormone therapy initiation in relation to menopause onset. Relevant studies were identified via the Swedish National Data Service (SND), a governmentally funded service organization that helps researchers gain access to available data. Data concerning the use of menopausal hormone therapy, including details about type of therapy and time of its initiation, as well as data on a wide range of other factors including life style factors and indicators of socioeconomic status have been harmonized over cohorts. The total number of menopausal women included exceeds 80,000. Through linkage with national registers, cohort participants are followed over time regarding incident events of chronic disease and death. The project takes advantages of novel statistical methodology; collaborative unit is the Unit of Biostatistics at IMM.


  • Karolinska Institutet
  • Heart and Lung Foundation
  • National Stroke Foundation

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