Chemicals safety: A detailed review on the retinoid system

Systematic review of the impact of various categories of chemicals on the establishment and life-long maintenance of the reproductive, skeletal, cardiovascular, neuronal, and metabolic systems in vertebrates with focus on mechanisms involved with modulations of retinoid metabolism and signaling via RAR-RXR pathways. It is expected, that the project will be extended to capture signaling and/or crosstalk via additional retinoid-system related pathways, such as VDR and PPAR, as well as xenobiotica-sensing receptor pathways, such as CAR, PXR, and AhR, which all have connections to the retinoid system. Contributions to Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) development will be used to connect findings across life-stages and toxicological models.

The Retinoid system review builds on priorities from the 2012 OECD DRP178, which evaluated opportunities of extending screening and testing strategies for endocrine disruption beyond estrogen, androgen, thyroid hormone, and steroidogenesis endpoints.


Content reviewer:
Anna Persson