PhD-Students - ENT

During most of the training involved the student actively in practical projects. The prospective student chooses on its own initiative projects and supervisors.

The program is open to both Swedish and foreign students.

The Division of ear, nose and throat diseases, we currently have about 32 active students. Learn more about our students and their current projects.

Unfortunately, some of the projects are just in Swedish at the moment.

Registered PhD-students

Sigurdur Árnason

Facial nerve palsy in children; treatment and outcome.

Rasmus Blomkvist

Predictive markers for laryngeal cancer

Malin Dahlby Skoog

Long-term effects of early cochlear implantation: A follow-up study

Daniel Danielsson

Kan individuell strålkänslighet predikteras från stressrespons i enskild vävnadskomponent? Studier rörande sena bieffekter av strålbehandling ochderas relation till stressmarkörer.

Björn Eriksson

Inflammatory changes in skin after radiotherapy

Ola Fridman-Bengtsson

Pituitary tumors: clinical aspects of treatment and expression of galanin and pattern-recognition receptor

Evelina Gille

Nasopharyngeal cancer – a characterization of a rare disease

Susanne Gripenberg

Vestibular function and motor activities in children with hearing loss, vestibular loss and balance disorders

Jenny Häggström

Central hearing function, cognition and aging

Maryam Jafari

Effects of allergen specific immunotherapy and tolerance development in allergic rhinitis

Hanna Josefsson

Development of central auditory system in children with monaural canal atresia – Effects of early intervention

Evelina Jörtsö

Predictive markers for head- and neck tumours

Sofia Karlsson

Corticosteroid treatment in children with acute facial nerve palsy

Niki Karpeta

Development of objective balance test in new-borns and young children.

Aeneas Kolev

Immunologiskt svar I cervikala lymfkörtlar hos patienter med huvud- och halscancer

Vilma Lagebro

Sentinel node B-cells and their interaction with host’s immune system in head and neck cancer

Lovisa Lansing

Bell’s palsy in pregnancy and puerperium

Andra Lazar

Pre-/retrospective, genetic studies and habilitation of hearing loss in children

Emma Malmström

Behandling av förvärvade och medfödde ärrskador på stämband med mesenkymal stamcellstransplantation. Effekter och mekanismer.

Agnes Modée Borgström

Adverse events in cholesteatoma surgery: risk, contribution factors and quality of life

Fatima Moumèn Denanto

Bilateral Bone Anchored Hearing Devices

Rebecka Ohm

Surgical intervention in patients with peripheral facial palsy; assessment of regained function and quality of lite

Krzysztof Piersiala

Sentinel node B-cells and their role in tumour specific immune suppression in head and neck cancer.

Samin Rahbin

Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures: aspects of diagnostic methods, treatment and sequelae

Malin Siegbahn

Hörselgångsatresi och utveckling av centrala hörselbanor

Carl Skröder

Allergisk rinit och effekten av systemisk kortisonterapi och intralymfatisk allergivaccination i kombination med en hälsoekonomisk analys av sublingualimmunoterapi

Martin Smelik

Learning disease models for personalized medicine

Magnus Fredrik Starkhammar

The direct influence of Toll-like receptors during airway infections

Clara Svenberg Lind

Surgical injury in otorhinolaryngology

Yelin Zhao

Single-cell based tumor models reveals potential biomarkers and drug targets for personalized treatment

Karin Åberg

Predictors of upper airway symptoms in the BAMSE birth cohort