PhD-students at the Division of Peadiatrics

Registered PhD-students

Mahasin Al Shakirchi

Fungal colonization and infection in Cystic Fibrosis - prevalence, consequences and intervention

Linnea Bergqvist-Norén

Physical Activity in Early Childhood – Levels, Patterns and Correlates

Anne Elwin

Neonatal cholestasis and CMV infection in preterm born children – systems immunology and long term outcomes

Mimmi Eriksson Westblad

Long-term outcome in children treated with hypothermia after asohyxia, with focus on physical activity, executive functiona, motor capability and self-esteem

Essi Heinonen

Psychiatric illness and drug treatment during pregnancy – fetal, neonatal and long-term effects

Gustaf Håkansson

Affektiv sjukdom och antidepressiv medicinering under graviditet, effekter på barnets hjärnutveckling

Linnea Johansson

Mobile Health in Childhood Obesity Treatment

Sari Kokkonen Nassef

Parental experience of hypothermia treatment and other short term neonatal intensive care of their newborns, and health related quality of life in children at the age of 6-10 years.

Henric Lindkvist

The importance of myeloid cells in hematopoietic cell transplantation

Silvia Malenicka

Intention-to-treat analysis of long-term outcome in pediatric liver transplantation

Sara Marin Juan

Prognostic factors indicating a severe graft-versus-disease in children, after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Resthie Putri

Impaired liver metabolism in pediatric obesity

Katarina Robertsson Grossmann

Outcome after hyperthermia-treated hypoxi-ischeamic encephalopathy

Sandra Soeria-Atmadja

Efavirenzbehandling av barn med hiv: Vad betyder farmakogenetik och interaction med tuberkulosläkemedel för variation av plasmahalter av efavirenz och behandlingsresultat.

Dirk Wackernagel

Evaluation of methods nd strategies for optimizing outcome in preterm infants