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2023-12-01 Maritha Kumlin
Mesenchymal stem cell regeneration and differentiation after anti inflammatory drug exposure

2023-02-17 Anastasios Charalampidis
Idiopathic scoliosis: aspects on surgical and non-surgical treatment

2011 - 2020

2020 Tobias Lagerbäck
Long term effects of lumbar disc herniation surgery in adolescents

2020 Pierre Campenfeldt
Fracture healing, functional outcome and health related quality of life in younger patients with a femoral neck fracture

2020 Josefina Skogö Nyvang
Different perspectives of living with osteoarthritis and outcomes after knee arthroplasty

2019 Elias Diarbakerli
Quality of life, physical activity and bone health in idiopathic scoliosis

2019 Peter Endler
Outcome after surgery for isthmic spondylolisthesis and degenerative disc disease

2018 Axel Wihlborg
Risk factors for osteoporosis and fractures

2018 Åsa Fröberg
Perinatal regenerative medicine : development of autologous constructs for soft tissue defects

2018 Cecilia Escher
Field studies in simulation based team training

2017 Maria C Lindström
ACL injury and surgery: aspects on function, muscular morphometry and effusion

2017 Richard Nordenvall
Cruciate ligament injury: crunching the numbers

2017 Peter Elkan
On lumbar disc herniation : aspects of outcome after surgical treatment

2016 Nicolas Martinez Carranza
Focal knee resurfacing : a translational study in sheep on the treatment of focal condylar cartilage lesions with metal implants

2015 Martin Gerdin
The risk of dying : predicting trauma mortality in urban Indian hospitals

2015 Marcus Schlickum
The next level: video gaming, cognition and motivation in surgical simulator training

2015 Anna Grauers
Inheritance and genetics in idiopathic scoliosis

2015 Lena Flodin
Studies on hip fracture patients – effects of nutrition and rehabilitation

2014 Fredrik Tinmark
Bimanual movement control : insights from golf ball striking

2013 Lisbet Meurling
Teamwork training using patient simulation

2013 Johan Creutzfeldt
Avatar : saving lives in virtual worlds

2013 Raed Itayem
On Fixation of Hip Resurfacing Implants

2011 Amer Al-Ani
Hip fracture in young and old subjects : aspects on risk factors and outcome

2001 - 2010

2010 Anders Stålman
Synovial metabolism after different degrees of trauma. Effects of pharmacological and physiological intervention: A microdialysis study of the knee joint synovium.

2010 Allan Abbott
Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and lumbar fusion surgery.

2008 Yan Li
Factors affecting growth, differentiation and apoptosis of osteoblastic and osteosarcoma cells.

2008 Per Ekman
Lumbar fusion for chronic low-back pain in isthmic spondylolisthesis.

2007 Carlos Saro
Hallux valgus surgery - Epidemiological aspects and clinical outcome

2006 Erland Högberg
Synovial metabolism after knee joint arthroscopy - a microdialysis study

2005 Pär Ström
Human Factors in Image Guided Surgical Simulator Training: components, visual-spatial and haptic aspects.

2004 Qinyang Wu
Galanin and Leu-Enkephalin in the rat with special reference to adjuvant arthritis.

2004 Jouko Kivioja
Patient-related aspects on WAD.

2004 Nahid Karrar El-Bakri
Estrogen Effects on different neurotransmitters in rat hippocampus: Implications for cognitive function.

2003 Harald Brismar
Morphological and molecular changes in developing guinea pig osteoarthritis.

2003 Lei Bao
Immunomodulation and immunopathogenesis in the autoimmune disease with emphasis on autoimmune neuritis and arthritis.

2003 Orlando Morales
Effects of 1,25-dihydryxyvitamin D3 and growth hormone on osteoblast-like cells.

2001 Eva Samnegård
Pharmacological and hormonal effects on bone with emphasis on osteoporosis: Experimental studies in the rat.

2001 Kjell Keisu
The femoral component in total hip arthroplasty: Results of uncemented and cemented fixation.

1991 - 2000

1999 Lei Wei
Guinea Pig Osteoarthrosis - Morphological and Biochemical studies.

1999 Per Prisell
Insulin-like growth factor-I from a perspective of bone regeneration.

1999 Åke Johansson
Experimental implant-associated orthopaedic infections.

1999 Isam Ahmed Suliman
Neuromuscular effects related to hind limb disuse: experimental studies in the rat.

1999 Hans Möller
Isthmic spondylolisthesis in adults: a randomized controlled trial.

1998 Lars Strömberg
Hip Fractures in the Elderly - social, economic and psychologic aspects on rehabilitation.

1998 Tomas Movin
Aspects of aetiology, pathoanatomy and diagnostic methods in chronic.

1998 Ingrid Ekenman
Tibia Stress Fractures in Athletes - an investigation of possible predisposing factors.

1998 Khaled Mohamed Diab
Quantification of skeletal, muscular and kinematics parameters in scoliosis.

1998 Adlan Mahmoud Elhassan
Neuropeptides in bone and joint tissues: alterations in adjuvant arthritis.

1997 Anders Sperber
Articular distension in arthroscopy. An experimental study on intra and extra-articular effects of pressure.

1997 Nikola Vucetic
Clinical Diagnosis of Lumbar Disc Herniation. Outcome Predictors for Surgical Treatment.

1996 Bo Sevastik
Aspects on the influence of the thoracic wall on the pathogenesis of idiopathic scoliosis.

1996 Johan Leandersson
Ankle Sprain - objective and subjective functional impairment with respect to treatment.

1996 Erik Mathiesen
Late Complications after Total Hip Arthroplasty.

1996 Edin de Bri
Primary Posteoarthrosis in Guinea Pigs.

1995 Håkan Hedlund
Structure of articular cartilage. An electron microscopic study on collagen and proteoglycan interactions.

1995 Pär Westblad
On Methods of Evaluation of Lower Extremity Eccentric Muscle Performance and Loading.

1994 Ulric Willers
Clinical and Experimental studies on the thoraco spinal deformity in scoliosis.

1993 Stig Lindequist
Internal fixation of femoral neck fractures. A study with special reference to the positioning of the fixation device.

1993 Björn Engström
Treatment of anterior cruciate ligament deficiency - with special emphasis on soccer injuries.

1993 Bo Xiong
Morphometric studies of the vertebral changes in idiopathic scoliosis. A radiographic and computer tomographic investigation.

1992 Li Tsai
Anabolic and catabolic hormones in relation to physical stress in endurance athletes.

1981 - 1990

1989 Gunnar Öhlén
Spinal sagittal configuration and mobility.

1989 Leif Ahrengart
Traumainduced heterotopic bone formation.

1989 Staffan A.V. Eriksson
Bone mineral content and fracture risk. A methological and clinical study of bone mineral measurement in the spine and the proximal femur.

1989 Mamoun Abdelgadir
Induction and correction of scoliosis by unilateral regulation of rib-length growth.

1987 Ibrahim Turan
Pain and deformity of the forefoot.

1986 Carl Anders Carlstedt
Biomechanical and biochemical aspects of tendon healing.

1985 Olle Svensson
Metal Rickets in the rat.

1985 Göran Sjödén
On the effects of 1± OHD3On the effects of 1± OHD3.

1985 Rune Hedlund
Incidence and cause of femure fractures.

1985 Helena Normelli
Asymetric rib growth as an aetiological factor in idiopathic scoliosis in adolescent girls

1982 Torulf Widhe
Malnutrition and bone development.

1982 Claës Hierton
Complications of total hip replacement.

1981 Erik Elmstedt
Skeletal complications in the renal transplant recipient.

1981 Gudmund Blomgren
Hematogenous infection of total joint replacement.

1971 - 1980

1980 Stig Aaro
Computer Tomography in studies of scoliotic deformity.

1977 Torsten Wredmark
Reaction of the growing rat skeleton to immobilisation and fracture.

1974 Urban Lindgren
Disuse osteoporosis and parathyroid function. Experimenta studies in the adult rat.

Åsa Catapano